Thursday, November 19, 2009


Roodoodle describes himself as : husband, dad, singer, songwriter, storyteller, blacksmith, widget, prop builder, writer, bad actor and painter of watercolor roosters. I don't know about any of those except I do know he produces the most delightful Rooster paintings you will ever see!

Maybe they remind me of Foghorn Leghorn, my all time favorite cartoon character as a child. Whatever it is, you have to love a rooster painting entitled "You Tell Him the Tractor's Got an Oil Leak"

To see more of these charming roosters, go visit:

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Santa, Please Bring Me Cynthia Vardhan Ceramics

Today I wanted to introduce you to a wonderful Etsy potter, Cynthia Vardhan. These mugs or teapot would make lovely Christmas gifts for someone special on your Holiday list (me).

All of her wares are hand-thrown in her studio and covered with intricate and raised, textured, tactile decoration using a labor-intensive slip-trailing process. This results in a colorful pattern you can both see and feel.

Since age 13, through college and arty grad school, Cynthia's skills in ceramics have evolved and grown to what you see today: gorgeous little pieces adorned with textured patterns you can stare at and touch for hours.

Cynthia's work has been exhibited & sold across the US.To see more of Cynthia's work, please go to: