Tuesday, June 8, 2010

You Can Help In The Gulf

Isn't this photo heartbreaking? Twenty three year old Kate Gabrielle was not content to just sit by and watch the continuing devistation of the Gulf from the BP Oil spill.

Kate solicited artists and sellers on Etsy to join her in donating handmade and vintage goods to a new Etsy shop that will directly benefit those communities hardest hit by this tragedy. 100% of the money collected (after Etsy and PayPal fees) will be donated- 50% to Oxfam America, and 50% to The National Audubon Society.

Oxfam will support its partners in the region to shape the disaster response to meet pressing needs on the ground - from generating independent assessments of the environmental and economic damage, to helping ensure that those who participate in the cleanup effort are safe and well-informed, to keeping both government and industry accountable to the communities at risk. The National Audubon Society already has volunteers in place collecting, cleaning and relocating birds and other affected wildlife to a safer enviroment.

The new shop filled with hundreds of beautiful treasures can be found here:


Thank you Kate for being pro-active and caring about the enviroment. Thank you, dear readers for stopping by the shop to help with this truely worthy cause.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Etsy Front Page!

Today one of my Etsy Treasuries made the Front Page!

The Treasury was inspired by having seen Tim Burton's new "Alice In Wonderland" movie last weekend. I am not much of a fantasy movie kind of gal, but went for the sole purpose of watching Johnny Depp for 2 hours. I could not have been more delighted and charmed with all of the characters! With silly orange hair and wicked, weird green eyes Johnny Depp is awesome. He never fails to deliver in my book.

Colleen Atwood did an amazing job of making each character come to life with unique make-up and costuming. I discovered that Hatters were often "mad" as they used toxic mercury to cure the felt for their hats. Notice how the Mad Hatter's clothes colors, hair and accent change along with his mood. The enormous digitally enhanced head on the Red Queen was brilliant as were all of the special effects.

Bravo Tim Burton!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Much of the US is being pummled by snow and ice this week. Personally, I adore a good snowfall. This is assuming of course that I am home by the fire and not having to drive anywhere for anything. Here is something for those of you that are trying to find beauty in snow as you battle all the other panicky folks at the grocery market for that last loaf of bread and final carton of milk in anticipation of being snowed in.

Artists in China’s Heilongjiang Province created a tremendous display of highly detailed snow figurines and displays for the 20th International Snow Sculpture show.

Notice how tiny the people are next to the massive sculptures!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!

May the joy of Christmas fill your heart this Holiday season.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Roodoodle describes himself as : husband, dad, singer, songwriter, storyteller, blacksmith, widget, prop builder, writer, bad actor and painter of watercolor roosters. I don't know about any of those except I do know he produces the most delightful Rooster paintings you will ever see!

Maybe they remind me of Foghorn Leghorn, my all time favorite cartoon character as a child. Whatever it is, you have to love a rooster painting entitled "You Tell Him the Tractor's Got an Oil Leak"

To see more of these charming roosters, go visit:

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Santa, Please Bring Me Cynthia Vardhan Ceramics

Today I wanted to introduce you to a wonderful Etsy potter, Cynthia Vardhan. These mugs or teapot would make lovely Christmas gifts for someone special on your Holiday list (me).

All of her wares are hand-thrown in her studio and covered with intricate and raised, textured, tactile decoration using a labor-intensive slip-trailing process. This results in a colorful pattern you can both see and feel.

Since age 13, through college and arty grad school, Cynthia's skills in ceramics have evolved and grown to what you see today: gorgeous little pieces adorned with textured patterns you can stare at and touch for hours.

Cynthia's work has been exhibited & sold across the US.To see more of Cynthia's work, please go to:

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Dear Santa Baby- Please Bring Me This Stacy Leigh Purse

Stacy Leigh at 1000Markets has the most exquisite original Leather Handbags, Belts, and More using ruffles, fringe, victorian lace and fabrics. Who needs Hermes when you can dazzle with this orange fringe number:

You can also be pretty in pink with this ladylike soft pink cowhide leather shoulder bag with layers of pink leather cut in waves.

For more of Stacy's handbag artistry go to: