Tuesday, June 8, 2010

You Can Help In The Gulf

Isn't this photo heartbreaking? Twenty three year old Kate Gabrielle was not content to just sit by and watch the continuing devistation of the Gulf from the BP Oil spill.

Kate solicited artists and sellers on Etsy to join her in donating handmade and vintage goods to a new Etsy shop that will directly benefit those communities hardest hit by this tragedy. 100% of the money collected (after Etsy and PayPal fees) will be donated- 50% to Oxfam America, and 50% to The National Audubon Society.

Oxfam will support its partners in the region to shape the disaster response to meet pressing needs on the ground - from generating independent assessments of the environmental and economic damage, to helping ensure that those who participate in the cleanup effort are safe and well-informed, to keeping both government and industry accountable to the communities at risk. The National Audubon Society already has volunteers in place collecting, cleaning and relocating birds and other affected wildlife to a safer enviroment.

The new shop filled with hundreds of beautiful treasures can be found here:


Thank you Kate for being pro-active and caring about the enviroment. Thank you, dear readers for stopping by the shop to help with this truely worthy cause.

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