Friday, August 28, 2009

HappyHound on HandMadeNews.Org

Today I am in HandMade News as the featured Artisan!

If you are not familiar with, please go check it out. It is the largest handmade craft blog on Earth (!) written by artisans. You can find many articles on craft trends, inspirations, marketing ideas and business tips.

One of my favorite sections is The Green Wise department with articles about carbon neutral living, environmentally friendly craft ideas and green practices to help keep our planet healthy.

Have a lovely weekend!

Sunday, August 16, 2009


This weekend I added some new Halloween Skull tags to my Etsy shop. I know, it is only August, but the retail shops already have Christmas out, so I am feeling kind of justified.

I don't know what you do at your house for Halloween, but I have recently discovered that Dia de los ├▒atitas (Day of the Skulls) is a festival celebrated in La Paz, Bolivia on November 9. Traditionally, the skull of one or more family members are kept at home to watch over the family and protect them during the year. On November 9, the family crowns the skull with fresh flowers, sometimes also dressing it up in various garments, and makes offerings of cigarettes, coca leaves, alcohol, and various other items in thanks for the year's protection. Makes handing out candy apples dressed like a witch seem kind of lame doesn't it?

In my effort to showcase Etsy artisans, has the cutest doggie cookies ever! Look at these Dia de los Mutt-os Skull treats. They also have the coolest tattoo heart cookies. For bad-ass doggies- like mine.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Making Hydrangeas Last

My garden is in full bloom with the lovliest hydrangeas right now. I have discoved a wonderful method of making them last without wilting. There is a sticky substance when cut that clogs the stem preventing water from reaching the blooms, causing them to quickly wilt. To prevent this , try this technique:

1. When cutting hydrangeas, take water to the garden in a container.
2. Immediately after cutting each bloom, drop the stem in the water.
3. Indoors, boil water and pour it into any container.
4. Cut the hydrangea stems to the desired length.
5. Stand the stems of the hydrangeas in the hot water for 30 seconds.
6. Immediately put into room temperature water and then arrange.

This process will revive hydrangeas that have wilted after a few hours or days as well.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Let's Go Buy Shoes Instead

In an effort to do my part in stimulating the economy, I went car shopping yesterday. I have not been car shopping in years. I can confirm it is still the single most unpleasant buying experience available. I like walking into a store, spying desired object, walking up to the register and paying. Clean, simple, satisfying. With a car purchase, the object for the sellers appears to be "wear them down with sales double speak and tricky numbers games". Can you imagine if every time we walked into a shop we had to bargain?

I just want a new SUV Mr.Toyota dealer, and I want to pay the exact same price as the tough nosed negotiator that just bought one before me. Is that too much to ask? I hate this process so much, that today I have enlisted the help of the tough nosed negotiator husband of a dear friend to do this deal for me. Apparently he loves doing this. It might be a guy thing. Or a power thing. I have no idea, I think I will go buy some new shoes today. It will be most satisfying.

This charming blue toy car is from According to her profile, all of the toys in her shop are handmade by special needs adults. Please check out the shop for lovely bunny, giraffe & dinosaur toys in pastle colors.