Sunday, August 2, 2009

Let's Go Buy Shoes Instead

In an effort to do my part in stimulating the economy, I went car shopping yesterday. I have not been car shopping in years. I can confirm it is still the single most unpleasant buying experience available. I like walking into a store, spying desired object, walking up to the register and paying. Clean, simple, satisfying. With a car purchase, the object for the sellers appears to be "wear them down with sales double speak and tricky numbers games". Can you imagine if every time we walked into a shop we had to bargain?

I just want a new SUV Mr.Toyota dealer, and I want to pay the exact same price as the tough nosed negotiator that just bought one before me. Is that too much to ask? I hate this process so much, that today I have enlisted the help of the tough nosed negotiator husband of a dear friend to do this deal for me. Apparently he loves doing this. It might be a guy thing. Or a power thing. I have no idea, I think I will go buy some new shoes today. It will be most satisfying.

This charming blue toy car is from According to her profile, all of the toys in her shop are handmade by special needs adults. Please check out the shop for lovely bunny, giraffe & dinosaur toys in pastle colors.


  1. I would think you would get a good price on an SUV. A lot of people traded theirs in when gas went sky high, and last I heard they couldn't give them away. At least here the car lots are full of them. We just bought a car, too, so I feel ya.


  2. haha...something about shoes that make us smile! I always ask a guy friend along for car purchase...
    Hope you'd get what you want dear!