Thursday, July 30, 2009

Bob, Why The Long Face? by Valerie Fuqua

This wonderful piece of art was created by Valerie Fuqua, a Chicago ,Ill. artist working in mosaic and mixed media art. This mask is named : "Bob, Why The Long Face".

When Valerie was a child she was quite taken with National Geographic magazine. She was struck with the fact that despite having so little in the way of material things, there were parts of the world where people were adorning their faces with "paint" in elaborate designs. Those memories have stayed with her and were the inspiration behind her ongoing series of mosaic masks.
I found Valerie's work on Etsy at:


More of her beautiful work can be seen at her website:


  1. Valerie's work is beautiful! Thank you for sharing this great feature :)


  2. Thank you so much for featuring "Bob" on your blog! I really appreciate it!

    Best wishes, Valerie

  3. Valerie's mask is wonderful. You don't have to read a National Geographic magazine though to see people who don't have a lot adorning their faces in paint. You can just take a stroll here on 24th & Leavenworth and see 'em up close. And for 20 bucks you can see 'em up closer. 0_0